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Imagination of life

on Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:40 pm
Everybody want to get car, if everybody get car, where will they be moving on.
Everybody want to be rich, if everybody become rich, who will build house for you or sell in the market.
Aeroplane can fly, but cars, cannot. Ship can carry loads weighing 50 million kg, yet it cannot sink. But car weighing 180kg will sink down the river. So everything in this world has it own work.
Before in Nigeria, N50,000 can buy car, but now N100,000 cannot buy motorcycle.
Some guys wore attire of N11,000 just to impress a girl wearing attires of N2,200.
Some people their mother will ask them N100, they will say there no money, but they recharge 200 card to chat a girl, ane he forgot that his mother suffered for them and also borrow money when their is no money.
A girl is having 10 boyfriends with hard labour, what left for your husband to enjoy.
Thanks for your patronage. If am wrong please tell
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