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Quotes of life

on Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:08 pm
Never give up till reach the success arena.
He who say "who are you" will later say "how are you"
T,ose that quote you wrong, will later write your success history.
Your enemy will hide when you 're suffering and show up when you make it, God why?
Those that suffer all days and night, and fail to make it are fools.
Givers never lack, people do give, but due to wickedness of people makes people not to give again.
If your bad condition mostly come from people, it came from your relations.
Never mind those that say you should not think about your condition,because if you didn't think to change it, it'll be worse everyday.
Don't do anything because your friend did, because you might loose if you did it, invest your own idea.
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